Boozy housewife, boar masturbator and feisty feminist – not me, but more of my favourite bloggers

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After nominating 12 other bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Awards yesterday, I ran out of steam and had to go and make my dinner, so I deferred the remaining three of the 15 I was supposed to nominate. Here they are now. Kitchen Slattern writes about cookery and domesticity, and believes that doing the housework “well enough” is far preferable to doing it well. She claims to have found “the easy way to do anything that needs doing around the house”, and as part of her researches has perfected the art of drunken vacuum-cleaning.

This “boozy floozy with a bad attitude” towards her domestic chores lives in New York and says Martha Stewart’s perfectionism makes her ass ache. Nat is a feisty, forthright, fearless and hugely articulate feminist from the UK, who blogs about sex, politics and feminism. I’d hazard a guess that she’s never been beaten in an argument. She also has a lovely turn of phrase when it comes to describing her adversaries – “spunkwaffling dickwits” and “piece of rotting crotchfilth” are among the gems.

Once gave me invaluable back-up when I was embroiled in an online discussion with a piece of rotting crotchfilth who’d taken exception to a mention I’d made of his dickwittish sexist attitudes. The blog of the Occupy London movement, this contains lots of info including details of this week’s High Court ruling that the camp should be evicted. The protesters will be appealing. Also current are posts about this week’s “trials” being organised by Occupy, to examine allegations against Tony Blair for war crimes and against RBS concerning the rights of its major shareholders – the general public.

Oh sod it, here’s some more. I’m on a roll. Michael LaRocca is an American whose jobs have included teaching English in China, writing novels and masturbating boars. His blog gives tips on writing, information about English language and literature, and humorous “random ranting and raving”. Hart Williams is another American writer – a novelist, illustrator and screenwriter. He has made me laugh with his acerbic comments on LinkedIn writing groups and he stands alone as the only person with whom I have ever got involved in an email discussion about panty pads. Blogs about writing and politics. Very highbrow and, politically, a progressive Democrat (hope I’ve got that right, I was going to say “bit of a lefty” but that might not be a compliment over there). His claims to fame include being accused in American media of wanting to shoot conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Yet another American blogger. What is it with me and American male wordsmiths? I don’t even know many Americans in real life; they scare me a bit – if I went for a pint with one I’d be worried they’d invade the pub and appropriate all the beer so there’d be none left for me. The internet’s great for discovering ones that probably wouldn’t.

Anyhow, Van’s forte is amusing stuff about “dawgs” – he’s a great fan of the canine species – but he also does general humour and political stuff. Not sure if he’s another lefty or not – appears to be disdainful of both Republicans and Democrats.

That’s the lot for now. I’ll do some more another time, as it’s been fun.

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11 thoughts on “Boozy housewife, boar masturbator and feisty feminist – not me, but more of my favourite bloggers

  1. Joli says:

    Excellent! One of the best tips I ever learned (at my mother’s knee) was to smear beeswax furniture polish onto the hall lightbulb, so that when the old fella came home from work he would inhale the aroma of housework, which would cause him to minimise the aroma of discarded Cadbury’s Roses wrappers and recently-switched-off tellybox fumes.

  2. Kitchen Slattern says:

    In the event you don’t have any furniture polish or yeast, there’s always the low watt light bulb. Makes it harder to identify the filth and takes a year or two off your face at the same time.

    Cheers, Sue! Thanks for the mention.

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