Ooh, I’m featured in the local paper – and no, it‘s not a court story!

It would be rude not to take this chance of some opportunistic self-promotion by announcing that I’m going to be in the local press this week. The County Border News (@CountyBorder, www.tandridge-today.co.uk), which assiduously covers all the latest news in Surrey and Kent, is doing a story about the songwriting club I’ve set up.

A simple postcard in a local guitar shop and a notice on a friend’s local music website brought me my first two members, with whom I’m already writing songs: Anna the guitarist and Pete the drummer. So I have high hopes of what the CBN, with its far wider readership, will yield.
Here’s the link to the story (previewed on Facebook): http://www.facebook.com/groups/116852595006273/permalink/485461464812049/

4 thoughts on “Ooh, I’m featured in the local paper – and no, it‘s not a court story!

  1. Diane Henders says:

    What a great idea! If I wasn’t on the wrong side of the ocean, I’d love to be part of this. Maybe I’ll sniff around and see if there’s anything similar here. Oh, and congrats on your news coverage.

    1. Sue Fenton says:

      thanks for your comment, Diane! You know there are lots of people collaborating on songwriting across the Pond, by email. If you have any ideas, let me know. Mind you, you’d probably be better off doing it with someone who knows something about the music biz, which I don’t yet!

    1. Sue Fenton says:

      Hi! Sorry, both for the hiatus and the lack of reply. I’ve been crap: I’ve somehow lost interest in my blog these past couple of months, but hope my current spate of updating will get me back in the mood! Thanks for thinking of me – it’s nice to know someone’s interested, apart from the obligatory spammers!

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