Does your agency or business need original music, jingles, lyrics or poetry? We can help!

Do you need original lyrics and/or music to help you make fabulous commercials or create unusual customised gifts? F Words is working with a semi-pro musician to offer original lyrical or musical material for your campaigns.

Together, we can write customised words and/or music to any given genre. Whether you need a short jingle, a longer song complete with melody and lyrics, or just customised lyrics or poetry on a given subject, talk to us first.

We can license you to use any of our existing work or can write completely new lyrics to your brief, on any subject. Whatever your budget, talk to us to see if we can help. 

We have a particular speciality in humour, as we act as agent to a prolific poet and folk-song writer who owns a huge and previously unpublished catalogue of original comic songs about anything from horsemeat burgers to snogging, from the pains of being elderly to the irritations of going shopping. If the world can handle another Pam Ayres, this guy is it! 

About us

I am, among other things, a prolific lyricist and I run a songwriting club, which gives me access to a host of talented musicians and collaboratively-created original songs. 

Nick Scott is a musician who does great things with Logic Pro 9 in his well-equipped studio. After a long career in live music, playing venues like Ronnie Scott’s, the Venue and the Rock Garden, supporting big names like Osibisa and the Pirates (post-Johnny Kidd), Nick has given up gigging to concentrate on his real love of songwriting. His background as a performer (guitar, drums, keyboard) gives him a real understanding of what it takes to create music that translates well to actual performance. 

Nick can produce all genres of music, including orchestral, with samples and plug-ins. He can devise melodies with or without lyrics. Additional musicians can be sourced to the client’s requirements – we know people who can play everything from the electric double bass to the bagpipes, from the mandolin to the ukelele! 

With Nick’s professional background in sales and mine in copywriting, we have a combined strength in listening to a client’s needs, understanding what the customer wants to achieve, helping them formulate a brief and then producing and delivering a finished article to client brief.

You can listen to some of Nick’s songs here.


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