Live in the Surrey/south London area and looking for a way to improve your songwriting skills in a supportive and informal environment?

Please note: Dates of meetings are in a state of flux. Please see/join our Facebook group for the latest information.

Do come and join our friendly little group of songwriters at Reigate & Redhill Songwriters. The club is a way for local musicians, poets and other who are interested in music to get together and write songs.

We meet monthly (normally on the first Tuesday of each month but please double check this with me before coming), between 7.30pm and 9pm, at the White Lion in Redhill, where we get into small groups to attempt to write a song on a given theme, to a time limit.

(At 9pm we make way for another music club for the monthly Jam with Pam. They are a bunch of very competent musicians and singers who do an informal jam of acoustic folk, blues and rock. Song club members can stay on to watch or join in with Pam’s boys – or can retire to another part of the bar to continue writing songs.)

The idea of the songwriting club is to put people in touch with each other who have the right mix of talents (say, a guitarist, a singer, a composer and a lyricist could get together).

All you need is a notebook and pen, a musical instrument if you have one, lots of ideas and a willingness to work with total strangers over a beer or a coffee to create something unique. Collaboration is what it’s all about – out of lots of ideas we can make something really good!

Some good stuff is already coming out of our collaborations. Notably, the set of local band Pimlico Road now includes several songs co-written as a result of the songwriting club. The Pimlicos are an up-and-coming Americana band who have recently performed at the Grey Lady and the Troubadour and have appeared on Croydon Radio and Meridian Radio – and they’re booked for a headline slot at the Troubadour in April.

The club attracts an interesting mix of members including:

+ proficient musicians who are already performing in public but who are a bit stuck creatively and want to create a bigger catalogue of work to perform. + poets and lyricists who want to collaborate with musicians to turn words into songs. + musicians and singers who perform cover versions and who want to start doing their own songs. + people who like composing and/or producing music (using either computer music production software or writing conventional music scores), who are not necessarily proficient performers or writers but who love to create music on the technical side of things. 

We are particularly interested in people who can (or would like to) perform in public, with a view to performing our co-written songs in due course and getting them recorded. If you can play an instrument well, or sing confidently, we’d like to meet you! It would also be great to hear from techie types who know how to record, edit and produce.

And, of course, we’d love to meet producers or talent scouts who are looking for new stuff to promote!

If you’d like to come to a meeting for the first time, please contact me first just to check it’s going ahead. Contact me for details on 07931 541369 or email me at

Or see the article about us in County Border News


Here are some links to local music shops and other resources that members might find useful. These are ones I happen to have some knowledge of – they’re not paying me to be on here!:


Nigel Harding, Redhill: guitar teacher and rock/pop guitarist. Taught me my first few chords and hence indirectly responsible for me starting to write songs!

Shane Hill, Reigate: guitar teacher and jazz guitarist. Helped me get my head round some key aspects of music theory, opening up a new world of chords to me.


Eric Lindsey, Reigate (mainly guitars plus a small amount of sheet music):

Newtons, Merstham:(guitars and other stringed instruments, including making and restoring – plus sheet music) Runs a monthly Guitar Club featuring talks from pro musicians.

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