Careful, he'll have your hand off. Pic credit: SnappyJack,

I was reading the local free ad newspaper on the train to London the other day and was intrigued by the Pets section. I’d never realised the extent to which dog owners are now interbreeding their pets to create monstrous new varieties. I’d heard of the Jug (cross between a Jack Russell and a Pug) […]

polite sign

Conversation in the steam room tonight threatened for a while to be almost intelligent, with an interesting discussion about website development, but it descended into its usual levels of inanity when I mentioned I’d been to Climping at the weekend and someone asked if climping was legal, especially in a public place. They all know […]

A hilarious moment on Saturday night at a house party attended by loads of local musicians. One of the performers, Keith, known for performing comic songs on the banjo, got up to sing a number called “Dogging”, about a couple who enjoy outdoor sex. The lyrics are very amusing and the audience were chuckling anyway […]