laughing on phone

There are gangs of self-appointed spelling police who lurk about on Facebook looking for errors. Their aim, according to the link below, is to “publicly challenge and humiliate sloppy wordsmiths”. The Best Obnoxious Responses To Misspellings On Facebook | Happy Place. collated loads of examples of Sloppy Spellers meeting Spelling Pedants online, and some are […]


Had an astonishing, gobsmacking, all-time record number of blog hits at the weekend from my post about the London arms fair Life Neutral hoax. The number of views on Friday was a record for me – nearly FOUR TIMES higher than the previous most-hit-making post in my relatively short blogging career. My hits were […]

Parts of this great big interweb intrigue and absorb me. I love the randomness of Twitter. Among the rash of posts about the Norwegian massacres and Amy Winehouse’s death, everyday life went on as normal. Metrobus announced that a new route would be in effect from August on Route 93 in Surrey, Leyton Orient Football […]