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I was trying to explain to a non-journalist friend what search engine optimisation was, and why it could be important to a freelance journalist in Redhill or a freelance journalist in Surrey. “Hm,” she said, when I’d finished, “sounds like a load of bollocks”. Obviously I hadn’t done a very good job at explaining why […]

old car

My plans for tonight – to spend an hour catching up on the latest inane drivel from the boys in the steam room and then to attend a public meeting about the local aerodrome’s plans for a hard runway – went all awry. The latter has the local community and parish councils up in arms, […]

There’s not much of an intellectual or cultural ‘scene’ in the town I live in. Indeed, some might argue that ‘culture’ and ‘Redhill’ were a contradiction in terms. But a lively debate on the issues of the day can often be found in the steam room at my health club, where a little crowd of […]