Are you a magazine or contract publisher looking for an occasional, contract or permanent sub-editor?

I can sub pretty much anything and have a meticulous approach to copy, ensuring it reads well, is devoid of horrible typos and grammatical errors, fits the space and conforms to house style.

I can use CMS and InDesign and can provide great references from chief subs.

During 2012/2013 I worked as a casual sub at five different publishers – consumer and trade; print and online. These were UKIP Media, Dorking (transport- and automotive-related magazines), Hello! magazine (celeb, beauty, fashion and lifestyle), Emap (retail and fashion), High50 (beauty, health, culture and lifestyle) and IHS Jane’s (air, marine, navy and defence).

I am skilled in understanding the overall sense of what is being said and expressing this in suitable language and style to suit the audience, without detracting from the writer’s own personal style.

Having subbed on national newspapers as well as consumer and trade magazines, I am used to dealing with text of all lengths and on all subjects, to a deadline.