F Words’ minimum fees are based on the rates recommended by the Freelance Fees Guide published by the National Union of Journalists. Another useful guide for potential clients is the rate chart of the Editorial Freelancers’ Association in the US – although in dollars it gives a good idea of the sort of prices that are typical. Currency conversions can be done here.

If you’re a charity or non-profit organisation working for a cause we are sympathetic to, or an individual or sole trader who can offer a ‘swapsie’ of value, we will consider a reduced fee or trade-off of some kind. If you’re a commercial business or profit-making organisation that just wants a freebie, we won’t.

The initial consultation, of up to an hour, is free. Following this meeting we will submit an estimate for the project, based on how much work is involved.

We are happy to work remotely or from clients’ premises, as appropriate.

We ask for a 50% deposit for one-off jobs, and we appreciate payment within 30 days of invoice. You can pay by PayPal, direct to our bank or even by good old-fashioned cash, if you’re near enough to press it into our hot, sweaty palms.

The cost of any travel and subsistence involved in travelling at the client’s request – other than to a workplace within reasonable distance – will be charged. We include London within our definition of reasonable distance.


Prices are negotiable according to the nature of the work and how much research is involved (but see the NUJ guidelines above for a rough estimate). We can charge by the day, or on a per 1,000-word basis or on a flat fee basis, according to what makes most sense given the nature of a project and the client’s requirements.


The basic rate for proofreading straightforward, non-technical text is £12.50 per 1,000 words (or pro rata). This can include light editing if required, because we don’t like to leave badly written text unaddressed simply because we are ‘only proofreading’, as some proofreaders would do. For more complex or technical copy we will quote individually based on an initial review of the text to get an idea of how long the work is likely to take. For very long text of a non-technical nature (such as books) it might be preferable to both parties to agree a flat fee.


The basic rate for editing/rewriting straightforward, non-technical text is £40 per 1,000 words.

Design, photography & illustration

We can obtain competitive quotes from our network of creatives. Please ask.