If you need a professional copywriting service for your publication, marketing literature or website, we can help by creating beautifully crafted copy that describes your business or project engagingly and comprehensively.

We will work with you to scope out your requirements and devise a brief that meets your needs, taking into account your target audience, the purpose and goals of the project and any special requirements, for example the use of SEO keywords.

We can also copyedit and/or proofread text that you have produced in-house. Please see our Copyediting & Proofreading page for details.


Our fee for copywriting varies according to how much time we think will be involved, taking into account factors like how much original research is needed. For example, will you supply all the information we need to write your copy, or will we need to interview people within your business or find alternative sources of information?

We will meet you for up to an hour for no charge, to discuss your requirements, after which we will give you a quote.

0 thoughts on “Copywriting

  1. joepraba says:

    Hi Sue,

    I cannot agree with you more on the functionailty of WordPress and how well it has worked for me too. It’s truly fantastic the way it allows total control of my site and update facility as and when I like – without running to a webmaster.

    Thanks for your recent help with the Polldaddy widget.


    1. Sue Fenton says:

      Thanks for the comment, Joseph – glad to be of help. I think we all learn from helping each other – having to remember how you did something by explaining it to someone else helps reinforce one’s own knowledge.

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