I’ve been inactive on the blogging front for a fair while because I’ve been working full-time for a publishing company, writing a daily business news bulletin. Somehow the complexity of business news and the pressures of daily deadlines don’t lend themselves to fulfilling the creative urge. After a 7.30am start every day and having emails coming at me for hours on end, demanding attention, the last thing I want to do is continue sitting in front of a screen.

It’s interesting and absorbing work, though. I start at 7.30 in my dressing gown and rarely stop, except to get dressed and get some breakfast when my bulletin goes to press at 8.30 each day. Life after about 3pm, when I tend to finish, is strictly active – that’s when I go for a swim or play squash, do the food shopping, get the car repaired, pay the bills… any of those things the average 9-5 worker doesn’t get a chance to do during the day.

Anyway, the second of my three-month contracts is coming to a close as my bulletin is being taken in-house, along with the rest of the company’s regional bulletins. So I shall be back on the market as a full-time starving freelance. A scary prospect in a way but I look forward to not having to cope with 64-page financial results at the crack of dawn!