Sex, banking, cookery and leaflet drops

Being freelance is good in that, in theory, given a certain degree of knowledge, you can write about pretty much anything. The subject matter is as wide as your interests – and mine are fairly broad-ranging.

Being a starving freelance is also good in that it encourages you to get off your fat arse and start looking for assignments.

Today, I’ve fired off speculative emails to a food magazine, the PR chief of a major bank and the editor of a high-brow “adult” magazine for the educated reader of erotica. Can’t get much more eclectic than that!

Two of these approaches stemmed from requests I’d had to connect on LinkedIn, so it will be interesting to see if, as the site’s aficionados claim, it’s really good for business.

Meanwhile, in connection with the afore-mentioned fat arse, I’ve impulsively arranged to do a leaflet drop for a local estate agent. I delivered the Yellow Pages a few summers ago and rather enjoyed the exercise. I have to deliver 1,000 leaflets by next Wednesday. The pay’s rubbish but at least the experience should provide fodder for my blog!

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