And I thought I could spel!

Just took an online spelling test on It’s one of various tests you can take to show your proficiency in various activities. The results then get posted on your profile to show how good (in theory!) you are at what you do.

40 spelling questions. I scored 98% (or 39 out of 40), which isn’t at all bad, especially since I whizzed through them all in 10 minutes, but at the time I thought I had them all right. I have a nasty feeling I put too few Rs in embarrassed. Appropriate, really, as that’s what I feel.

2 thoughts on “And I thought I could spel!

  1. Jerri says:

    Excellent content. I have a dilemma. As a website owner, how long did it take
    for your blog to be successful? Likewise what do you enjoy most about running a blog?

    1. Sue Fenton says:

      Thank you! I’m not sure how one defines a blog as being ‘successful’ – I know there are plenty of blogs that get lots more visitors than mine, but what my visitors lack in quantity maybe they make up for in quality! Mine acts as an online portfolio and resume/CV for my work as well as being an outlet for my personal chunterings, so from that point of view it’s well worth doing.
      What do I enjoy most about running a blog? I suppose being able to spout off about stuff and have an audience for my opinions!

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