It was embarrassing enough to spell embarrassing wrongly in the recent spelling test, but things took a turn for the worse when I had a request late in the afternoon to write a book review for the local paper (“any chance of it by tomorrow?”).

I’d just finished reading a PG Wodehouse for the zillionth time and I can bang on endlessly about how great Wodehouse is  – luckily the Surrey Mirror didn’t mind which book I chose – so I got down to it and turned out the required number of words before bedtime.

On more than one occasion in the Jeeves & Wooster stories, Jeeves refers to his simple-minded employer as “mentally negligible”. In repeating this gentlemanly insult I managed to spell it as “neglible”. I noticed it on re-reading what I’d sent and sent apologetic correction blaming the tight deadline. How apt though – who’s the mentally negligible one now?