Much joy and self-congratulation as I completed the transfer of my old website to its new home at WordPress. This might not sound like a huge achievement – a 12-year-old could set up a WordPress site and many probably do – but there was an element of back-room techi-ness involved in cancelling one provider, inputting the codes to transfer the domain name elsewhere and then setting up a Google app to make sure my original email address would still work.

I was well chuffed when I’d done it, partly because I’m quite slow-witted when it comes to anything technical, but also because WordPress is so much better looking, easier and quicker to update and has more functionality than my old site. And it’s far, far, cheaper.

Anyway, I was so excited when it was all up and running properly that I headed up to the health club to find someone to tell. It’s pretty misty in the steam room so I couldn’t say for certain that the boys’ eyes glazed over as I chuntered on about MX codes and DNS updates and name server changes – but I suspect they did.

In any event, “oh” was about the extent of their reaction. I began to realise how IT people and scientists must feel when after months of work they make some enormously exciting break-through, only for everyone else to find the news rather dull.

For some reason the steam room boys seemed far more interested in hearing about Rory’s confession that he’d had a dream about Toby having a shower. He (Rory) had woken up feeling all hot and tense. “Haha, do you mean you were feeling tense, or making tents?” punned Nick, lewdly.

Certainly, an obvious question needed to be addressed: did this dream mean Rory was turning gay? One chap said no, dreams didn’t mean anything, they were just random thoughts. Another of the boys said he’d read somewhere that all erotic dreams, even those about members of the opposite sex, meant gayness was setting in.

It wasn’t an erotic dream, Rory hastened to add – it was just that Toby happened to be in the shower at the time. Naked doesn’t necessarily equal sexy, went Rory’s theory, so dreaming about another man in the shower wasn’t of itself a sign of gayness; though dreaming in the shower about another man probably was.

The distinction seemed moot; the essential fact, the thing one couldn’t overlook, was that one semi-naked man had been dreaming about another, so this remark was received with some scepticism. I reluctantly left the boys to thrash out the issue of  Rory’s sexuality as I wanted to get home and play on WordPress.

Pic credit: Africa