Today I completed a feature about a British exporter for an international trade magazine and tomorrow I’m writing some copy for a website designer who’s doing a groovy new site for a property company.

Next week I’ll be meeting a local small businessman who likes the nice simple WordPress sites I’ve created recently and might want one for himself.

But other than that, next week is stretching bare and challenge-free ahead of me. If I don’t get a commission to do something, I will get all grumpy and bored – and my poor cats will have to have their meaty chunks in gravy rationed, so they’ll get all irritable too, and take it out on the local mouse population.

If anyone needs any copy-writing, sub-editing or features, do shout! Requests to do features for consumer press particularly welcome, but I enjoy corporate and trade press work too.

This coming weekend is going to be considerably more eventful than next week and I’ll have little access to the internet, so if anyone does make my dreams come true and “gissa job”, it’s best to contact me on my mobile phone.